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What are the causes of deformation and improvement measures in parts processing?

Release date:2023/3/31   Page views:530

In the parts processing industry, the most taboo problem is the deformation of parts, once it appears, the consequences will be unimaginable, one affect the economic benefits of the enterprise, the second cause a series of safety problems, make the enterprise panic. What is the cause of the deformation of parts? How can we improve it?
The main points are as follows:
1. The effect of internal force leads to the change of machining accuracy of parts. Technical workers know that, in processing, parts are three claws of the lathe clamping, to ensure that parts in processing, by the force is stable, over time, will cause lathe chuck loose, make parts force reduction, there will be deformation,
2, heat treatment processing is easy to produce deformation. In the processing of some thin and small parts, generally to the first heat treatment, at this time if the technical personnel's professional knowledge is not solid, not a good understanding of the structural performance of these parts, it is easy to make parts bending phenomenon.
3. Elastic deformation of parts processing caused by external force. In parts processing, lathes and fixtures will often be used, when the two are not smooth, will appear in the fixed parts when the force is not uniform, the force of the small side will produce deformation.
Improvement measures:
First, after heat treatment and natural deformation of parts, professional cutting tools are used to trim, to ensure the perfection of parts.
Two, technical innovation, increase the stiffness of parts.
Technical personnel need to improve technology, increase innovation, choose the appropriate heat treatment method, change the stiffness of parts, so that the parts are not easy to deformation.